Monday, March 12, 2007

Falling into place

After many weeks of waiting, things are starting to fall into place at Access magazine. Many of the photographers and artists have delivered their work last Thursday to our art department. All the art work should be turned in by Monday.

Monday will also be a big day for the magazine because our writers will be turning in their first draft of their article to their editors. The editors will then forward their article to our features editor, Heather.

There appears to be mixed feelings regarding our writers. Some of us are having a difficult time dealing with them. Getting in contact with them, etc. Others have found their writers to be reliable.

Fortunately, I am one of those editors with a dependable writers. Kaitlyn, Heather and Evie each vow to track down those writers who are lagging and get them to commit to the magazine.

The online department is currently working on designing different layouts for the magazine’s Web site. We will be using InDesign to create the site. The site will feature the same stories as the magazine as well as some additional ones. The site will also have video clips of various aspects of student life at SJSU. This will be the first time Access magazine has an online companion since 2003.

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