Sunday, February 18, 2007

The First Blog

Hi, Everyone.

Well, for a formal introduction, my name is Lesger and this semester I'm the online editor for Access.

Access is San Jose State's campus-wide magazine. It's the magazine production class, Journalism 155 from the School of Mass Communications and Journalism. This class brings together photojournalists, designers, writers, public relations students, advertising majors and, well, anyone who is interested in publishing a magazine to add to their portfolio. Not to mention, Access has won awards for excellence and innovation in nationwide competitions.

This 2007 spring semester, the head honcho(ette) is Evie Smith. As editor in chief, she brings previous experience as the editor in chief from her Redding, Calif. junior college newspaper. No, she's not going to be the Miranda Priestly ("Devil Wears Prada") on campus; she's got ideas to take the magazine to a new level without the demands and sarcasim. Whew!

Her main concern is revamping the Access Web site with my help and the online staff. The online team consists of five members: Cody, Ian, Rita, Osvaldo and me. They all have different talents that will help mold the site into something worthwhile. The last time the site was updated was spring 2003 so we have some serious work to do.

Evie's right-hand (wo)man is Kaitlyn Osborn-Brown. She's the managing editor and quite involved in the development of the magazine and the deadlines. A true multitasker, Kaitlyn oversees all the department heads and their workloads. She don't play. Not a minuscule detail is overlooked yet she still manages to bring, um, crunchy sugar cookies for Valetine's Day. Good thing no one wears dentures. Thanks, Kaitlyn!

Right now, the magazine is on point with its deadlines: The query letters have been read, the stories assigned writers and editors, and, the outlines and sources submitted. (A query letter is a formal way of saying: "This is my idea for an article, do you like it?")

Though I can't disclose the articles' topics, I do know these pieces will have the readers' attention and subjects not mentioned in previous issues.

The art department is currently brainstorming the new logo and the cohesiveness of the magazine's layout. Headed by Yvonne Pringue, former designer for SJSU's newspaper, the entire team is excited about working with someone with so much imagination and drive.

This blog will detail the growth of the magazine, and my other online teammates will write their own blogs to give their perspective on the book (magazine lingo for "magazine") and anything they'd like to add.

In all, the success of the magazine rides on talented individuals and I know they will execute their vision effectively, and, have a little fun, too.